Variety is the spice of life and vintage variety is the good stuff that shakes it all up!


When Another Time Antiques began in 1978, I was at a transition point in my young life.  History always taught the same old story line - politics, wars, industrialization, presidents, more wars on and on.  As a woman I felt a complete detachment!  So in my 20s I ventured into an exploration of woman's history and Another Time was born!  Each tiny segment of the business is like a Pandora's Box into a whole new world of understanding.

Something very profound struck me early on: Everything is of value regardless of price.  Whether it is a cut glass pitcher or a tiny common button - all pieces have their place in history!  The stories can be endless.  It is only our perceptions that place things in any order. No one is any less than the other.

Learning history through object is fascinating.  Learning life through history is priceless!

I'm moving towards the end of my business retail career.  Thanks to all who have visited and shared my journey.  The listings in my shop will provide you with some great bargains prices and many destash lots as I liquidate the inventory.   Remember ... we are only the keepers for a little while. Cherish it while it is yours.

As always you have my promise of satisfaction with your purchases.  Shop with confidence and contact me at any time with your questions. 

*Etsy listings are set for US only shipping.  International shoppers should contact me directly on item to see if I can send it.

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