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Thursday, July 3


Butterflies stand for hope and symbolize the life cycle of renewal.
Happy 4th of July ~ may it be filled with hope.

Tuesday, July 1

Wooden Nickels by ART

Remember the saying: "Don't take any wooden nickels"?  Generally speaking we say this to light heartedly mean - beware ~ don't be a sucker ~ watch out for those city slickers!

I got curious about it's origins because of a fun kitschy necklace and earring set I came across.   The wooden nickel saying has quite a history!   The Phrase Finder has several uses and origins of the wooden nickel and the popular phrase.  The Native American image comes straight from the Indian Head or Buffalo nickel that was minted in our country from 1913-1938.  Of course those real nickels are quite collectibles today!

Whatever the intentions of the ART jewelry company for producing this costume jewelry set, I'm sure it will create interesting conversations for the wearer!

Friday, June 20

Etsy Vintage Team News

Be sure to visit Etsy Treasury on June 20th and look for the treasuries from Etsy Vintage Team and Simply The Best Team.  We are doing a shared event evening of fun shopping:   Fireworks Happen. Join Us!  Use search tags etsyvintageteam  or stbt

Here's my first Treasury:  Starting With a Bang!

Find lots more at these boards too:

While you are in the site, Etsy Vintage Team has created an amazing and beautiful way for you to shop great vintage pieces on Etsy every day!  Its not a treasury - it's even better because the themes are intriguing and change all the time!   Check out all the different themes and shops through the