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Friday, July 3

NOS Vintage Sterling Silver Jewelry

Many years ago, when I had a large store in Caledonia, I carried a small line of new sterling silver jewelry from the Swift Arrow company in Maine.  It was a pleasure to carry their products as the craftsmanship is outstanding AND the company faithfully supported worthy environmental causes.  The striking, black on silver Native American designs are favorites of mine.

I still have a few of these pieces in stock and offer them here for sale.   Please contact me via email on any item and include your address with zip code.   You'll be invoiced directly thru PayPal.

Post bridle style button pierced, Sterling $12

Post bridle style button pierced, Sterling $12

Sm oval post stud, Sterling White Buffalo stone $18

French hook wire, Sterling oval Obsidian Moonstone drops $15

Sm square post stud, Sterling Onyx $12

All earrings ship US First Class mail, $2.50 extra. International shoppers contact me for a quote.

$165, plus $3 shipping US.

This beautiful cuff bracelet is striking! Sterling silver and large oval obsidian moonstone.  Signed JME.  2 1/2 inch opening across the"C".   Firm, hefty cuff bands.  Wore this myself a couple of times - who could resist?  Always a comment getter.   $165, plus $3 shipping US.

Antiquers Retire?

A funny thing has happened during the last 37 years of running a business:  I've discovered that I don't know how to retire!  No one has written a book yet on antique'rs and retirement.  I always thought there would be an obvious end point some day and I could walk on into that beautiful sunset and slip away in my kayak.   Such is not the case though.  Silly you say?  Well let me explain.

Most folks work for an employer during their career life and many of the lucky ones also get a change to build up some kind of monetary retirement fund.  My 401K is currently neatly stacked in a well maintained storage unit in banana boxes and on racks!   Wall Street never dreamed of having a bank account like this!   It requires a different kind of "transaction" process for sure.  What I may have once called "the end of the lot" over 20 years ago has now become a stock of choice.  Time is such a funny transmuter!

Could I run it into an auction?  Yeah, probably and I'd likely received an amount equivalent to the crash of 1929!  Because certain kinds of old items are of specific interest and value to specific people, the only way to liquidate these vintage goodies is to find that special person.   I like to call them kindred keepers.

Drum Roll - Welcome to the 21st Century of internet selling!  Not only can I find that special someone, I can do it on my own time!  Now the challenge is to be a good photographer, marketing guru, computer tech and creative online seller.  And that is in addition to all the older hats that a sole proprietor wears to operate a small business.  Sounds like a lot but it keeps the heart pumping and the brain intrigued.  What more could you possibly ask for?

Who ever thought retirement would be so much fun!  Oh I suppose there will be a day when I do call that auctioneer...but not in the immediate future.  It's fun learning new things and meeting people from all around the world.  I never would have dreamed 30 years ago that someone as far away as Australia would also love my vintage treasures!  That's very exciting!

Tuesday, June 16


As an eBay member, I received the letter below yesterday.  EVERYONE who wells online - in any venue - should be aware of the current proposal for taxing small business internet sales:  Remote Transactions Parity Act. 

    "Yesterday, Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT/3) introduced the Remote Transactions Parity Act, legislation that would impose burdensome remote sales tax collection and remittance requirements on Internet-enabled small businesses. If this legislation sounds a lot like the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA), that’s because the two are strikingly similar.

Like the MFA, should the Remote Transactions Parity Act be passed into law, it will:
Compel small internet-enabled businesses to collect and remit sales tax to every remote jurisdiction across the country to which they may sell, regardless of where their business is physically located. There are over 9,600 sales tax jurisdictions across the country, all of which have unique rates and rules.

Additionally, the Remote Transactions Parity Act includes a weak small seller exemption which will be far too low for most Internet-enabled small businesses. The legislation phases down the exemption to just $1 million in annual receipts and, even worse, disqualifies businesses – regardless of size – that utilize an electronic marketplace like eBay.

For years, eBay has pushed policymakers to eliminate harmful tax burdens for businesses and consumers – and we continue to need your help. If you agree that this is bad legislation, click here to tell your representative that you oppose harmful tax laws that stifle business growth and harm consumers."

Because I operated a local store for many years, I fully understand the quandary of fairness in sales tax and the effect of internet tax free goods on local business shops.  Sales tax law in our country is backwards - it is charged according to where the product is shipped to: destination based.  I believe we need to shift the entire sales tax system to a point of sale base for sales tax jurisdiction.  
1 Business - 1 Jurisdiction
Other states should not have a claim on my work in my own state.  Furthermore it is inconceivable how a small business owner will be able to operate should the RTPA ever become law!  The expense, required permits, paper work, tax codes knowledge, etc will force many business owners to cease operation.

As an online seller, sales tax collection issues affect us all - regardless of size and/or location.  I encourage you to speak up now to your congressional reps in all houses.